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Rowley também apareceu no The Amanda Show, mais notavelmente chamado "Blockblister" (uma paródia de Blockbuster), onde ele interpretou um cliente que estava com raiva porque ele não conseguiu o filme que ele procurava (ele pagou para o vídeo arrancando-lhe o braço e dando a eles, respondendo "Mantenha a mudança! Mais uma vez, ele expressa sua raiva com explosões barulhentas na cena.

Rowley é um membro do grupo de comédia de improvisação chamado "The Groundlings" com sede em Los Angeles, Califórnia.

He has appeared in a number of television shows and movies, often portraying somewhat "ballistic" characters, especially on television shows.

On the Nickelodeon television series i Carly, Rowley (as the character Lewbert) plays a mean and nasty doorman for Carly's apartment building.

when people walk all over the floor he just mopped). Rowley is a member of the improvisational and sketch comedy group called "The Groundlings" based in Los Angeles, California.

Rowley has also appeared on The Amanda Show, most notably the sketch called "Blockblister" (a parody of the video retail chain Blockbuster), where he plays a customer who is angry because he did not get the movie he wanted (he paid for the video by tearing off his arm and giving it to them, replying "Keep the change! Again, he expresses his anger with loud outbursts in the scene. He also voices Bunsen on the Nickelodeon animated series Bunsen Is a Beast, for which he gained an Annie Award nomination.

For example, on the Nickelodeon television series i Carly, he plays Lewbert who is the mean and nasty doorman of Carly's apartment building.

He starred as head football coach Urban Meyer in a spoof of a Meyer press conference.

If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts.

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