Dating transformers

Cade, Shane, and Tessa succeed in escaping them by climbing onto the anchors to escape the entire ship, but then see that Lockdown's dogs trying to break the anchors. Cade goes to help Prime, but makes it in time to save Prime and injure Lockdown, but does it enough to let Tessa and Shane help get the sword out of Optimus, and succeeds, then Optimus kills Lockdown, and Cade, Tessa and Shane goes with Optimus to safety, then finds out that Optimus is leaving to protect the seed, and leaves.Bumblebee comes to kill the dogs, but fails and Cade and the others fall off the ship. Cade returns a few years later he organized the Autobots asylum in South Dakota and now he is again a fugitive, after Optimus Prime left the earth most of the governments of countries declared the Transformers race outlawed and an international military organization TRF was established.Cade brings it to his home to strip its parts and get money out of it.Not knowing that he has bought a giant robot, he continues repairing it after having many arguments with his daughter.He then goes with Tessa, Shane and Optimus to try and get money, only to find out that the CIA has blocked his account.Optimus calls the rest of the Autobots to group, and picks a new form giving him a new look, and meets up with Bumblebee, Hound and Drift.When Cade finds out that the money is going, he sets with Lucas "his friend" to find junk that he can strip down and make money for the house and mainly for Tessa's college.

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He says that KSI is making new robots from the Autobots, and hears that Prime is going to kill whoever is behind this. Cade goes to look around and find a couple melting Ratchet's head.Cade began to hide from the mini-drones TRF then meets an unknown transformer named Cogman and demands that he flew to England.Fought off the mini-drones TRF he and Bumblebee went to England.Cade Yeager is a character that appears in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight. His area of expertise is in robotics, he has a 17 year old daughter named Tessa who he raised alone after her mother died when she was still a young child.He is a dedicated father, and hopes that one day one of his inventions will raise enough money to pay of his debts and put Tessa through college.

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