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Every Hollywood studio was realising the potential of disaster to reap rich rewards, and looking for the next scenario in which disaster might strike.On the morning of Tuesday, February 9th, 1971, Californians were waking up to a normal working day like any other.1974 saw three giants of the genre go head-to-head – but it wasn’t all plain sailing as each raced to cash in on the new taste for terror.

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Meanwhile, Yong-Nam's mother Hyun-Ok (Ko Du-Shim) is set to turn 70-years-old and she will have a birthday celebration at a convention hall.

While these movies may have lacked the global scale of the modern disaster film, in their own way they created more immediate, intimate – and perhaps more unsettling – scenarios that audiences could relate to: the plane engine blowing, the cruise liner listing heavily, the tower block stairway filled with smoke and fire.

Of course, these weren’t meant to be gritty, realistic films. These were situations anyone could find themselves in, and that gives the films a troubling edge beyond the hokey one-liners, clunky exposition and acts of (usually) pointless heroism.

His career had not been without perquisite colour, however: at one point in the 1950s he’d been shot in the leg by a fellow producer convinced that Lang was having an affair with his actress wife.

Something of a larger-than-life character, and ever the showman, in 1971 Lang had ambitions to replicate .

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