Dating site where friends recommend

And single people who want help in finding matches can also invite their coupled-up friends to install Matchmaker, as well.

The idea of matchmaking for friends is something that’s common out in the real world.

For obvious reasons, then, it might not be an appropriate for someone who’s married or otherwise involved to download Hinge to their phone.

[gallery ids="1543738,1543737,1543736,1543735,1543734"] The new app works by suggesting potential matches, based on the matchmaker’s pool of Facebook friends who are using Hinge.

Wingman is a new dating app that gives friends control of your love life.

Where most apps start by asking users to set up a profile and swipe their way to romance, Wingman lets friends weigh in on your best qualities.

The matchmaker can then recommend that the two people connect, and can even send an icebreaker message to get the conversation started.

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The company even redesigned its app last fall to move away from the swipe-based mechanisms of its rivals to focus on profiles that tell a story, and require a little more effort to create than just uploading a photo. “We’re seeing five times the number of dates per person happen on the platform, relative to the old version of Hinge,” he says.But it’s not something that’s been fully implemented in the world of dating apps at this time, beyond features like Tinder’s ability to “recommend” a profile or the sharing options found in other apps.In those cases, though, the friend making the suggestion doesn’t usually know who it is they’re recommending personally – they just like the profile.Hinge has taken this into consideration, and built an opt-out mechanism into its app that will prevent your profile from being shown to those playing matchmaker, if you choose.The new app makes sense as the next step for Hinge, which is billing itself as the alternative to apps like Tinder and Bumble, which far more often are filled with people looking for hookups and more casual dating.

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