Dating shiny brite ornaments

Interestingly, the history of the Shiny Brite ornament was directly impacted by wartime America.

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Tiny plastic choir boys, a somewhat weary looking elf, a flapper styled angel, and an abundance of colourful metallic glass bulbs adorned our tree.

The corning factories produced glass ornaments, or “blanks” as they called them, for several other U. Christmas ornament companies too; like Colby and Premier.

Because they were all the exact same shapes and sizes it was up to the individual companies to decorate them.

(A typical German glassblower could only produce about 600 a day).

The Corning machines were quickly modified to make a large assortment of fancy shapes like tops, bells, tear drops, icicles, pine cones, trees, and even Japanese-looking lanterns.

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