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After WWII, border changes left a number of German glass factories in Poland.

As Czechoslovakia ceased to be one country in 1993, glass/porcelain from there is desirable, particularly colorful Art Deco designs.

The Mc Call Pattern Company, Inc., owned by CSS Industries, Inc., a public, worldwide company, designs, manufactures and sells sewing patterns under the brand names of Butterick, Kwik Sew, Mc Call's and Vogue Patterns, through fabric retailers and on our websites.While this isn’t specific to mail order patterns, or even to patterns in general, it’s worth mentioning here.Anything with the NRA Blue Eagle emblem can be dated to between 19. As caretakers of items from our past, we strive to provide customers with as much information as possible. I'm sure many members of the Pattern Patter Team are also vintage sellers/collectors. For instance, Susie Seller has a Simplicity pattern listed which she describes as from the 70s. When Simplicity stopped placing the copyright date on the inside of their directions sheet, there was a gap of a few years before they started putting it on the pattern sleeve. Since Susie Seller's pattern has no date on the directions, it is likely from the late 50s to early 60s, or nearly 20 years older than she thought. The combination of letters and numbers hold the clue to the approximate date. They were instituted during WWII because so many mail clerks had been drafted and zones made it easier for the new, inexperienced clerks to sort mail.

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