Dating service in montreal

Discretion, confidentiality, integrity and results are the four cornerstones of our operating philosophy.

Executive Life Partners is Canada's most exclusive relationship search consultancy.

But I learnt the business from the ground up and obtained my certifications as a matchmaker.

Intermezzo’s been in business for 21 years, I began there in 2011, and I so believed in the product.

Although Executive Life Partners is Toronto based, we are capable of extending our search services to any city in North America.

By utilizing a target-based marketing program Executive Life Partners can provide clients with appropriate candidates from within any specific geographic location.

One of my electives was psychology and I loved that course so much, I ended up majoring in psychology instead.

So I called the owner up, we met and he hired me on the spot, basically as a gofer.Love is in the eye of the beholder, especially when professional matchmaker Joan Sawaya-Paiement, BComm (acct.) 82, BA (psych.) 08, helps potential partners focus.Sawaya-Paiement’s award-winning Intermezzo Montréal ‘dating agency for professionals’ has introduced couples for over 20 years.People want to talk to somebody, they want service, they don’t want to be in a catalogue online.That’s our niche — our clients are really professional men and women looking for serious relationships.

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    Women were constantly intrigued and captivated by Decker from the very moment they met him… Whenever we went out together, Decker would hardly speak more than a few words and easily hit it off with the kinds of sexy, intelligent women that I was killing myself just trying to say “Hi” to!