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I like to travel as much as I like staying at home.I am not quiet or shy, cold or dry nor am I into drama, deceit, double standards, or married people trying to be sly.Super Xclusivo disappeared from the Puerto Rican television in the second half of 2012, due to an alleged boycott made by various sponsors of the program and pressure from other factions in Puerto Rico.

If you join a couple of dating websites, you will have many more choices on offer you that you'll most likely start getting dates where you least expect it.I like tattoos & body piercing although I have none.I like people that aren't afraid to be a little different.Template: Multiple issues Antulio "Kobbo" Santarrosa is a puppeteer, television producer, journalist, comedian, actor, and author from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.Santarrosa used to produce and puppeteer in Super Xclusivo, the highest rated TV show in the history of Puerto Rican television.

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