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While you can use your judgment with couples who’ve been dating over a year—say, your 16-year-old cousin and his girlfriend—you and your partner should be able to tell if it’s a serious relationship.If not, err on the side of caution and give them a plus-one.If your kitchen’s in disarray, or if you can’t stand your own company at mealtime, find ways to make dining solo enjoyable. Recycle those old jars and bring in dishes that appeal to you. A good night in bed—no matter what you’re doing between the sheets—is best supported by an environment that is inviting, spacious, clean and comfortable.

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Essentially, in our highest energy, our partners reflect the best that’s in us, which means we have an open invitation to do it for ourselves. The effect of bringing my awareness to the stagnation I’d caused had a ripple effect on my outer life in surprisingly positive ways.Learning to love my space inspired me to treat differently in the process. And even if I didn’t feel so great, my home was a welcome refuge that cocooned me in loving energy when it seemed hard to muster on my own.The first time I cleaned house with the intention of making sure it aligned to my desires, I realized that some of the art on my walls supported the energy of starving and suffering for art.I eventually replaced those pieces with living green plants and vibrant colors.

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