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Watch “Cheese in the Trap”: Watch Now So Ha (Lee Jong Suk) is a high school student who falls in love with Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young), a lawyer.Although he’s got attributes that are charming and hard to resist (even for the older and more mature Hye Sung), So Ha has a very special gift: He can hear what people are thinking.When you watch a K-drama, it really takes no effort at all to fall in love with the male character.They’re (most of the time) handsome, charming, and know how to woo the main female character, which in turn, woos us.But he’s also got several other personalities as he’s suffering from a multiple personality disorder as a result of a traumatic incident that happened when he was a child. Park Hae Jin played the mysteriously handsome Yoo Jung in “Cheese in the Trap.” Who doesn’t love a smart, handsome, and well-off sunbae on campus?

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Despite these amazing qualities, he’s definitely not a character that is date-worthy.Don’t get me wrong, long distance relationships can work, but not to this extent.It also seems like a lot of trouble for the bride to have to reincarnate to be with the goblin again.For anyone, having a significant other who can read your mind would be downright creepy and annoying.It’d be difficult to have any sort of negative thoughts, and you’d have to be completely conscious of what you’re thinking about at all times. Watch “I Hear Your Voice”: Watch Now Kang Ma Ru (Song Joong Ki) has to be one of my favorite K-drama male lead characters of all time.

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