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They generate active discussion concerning events in their country, and provide an important source of resources for their families at home. Different reports list between fifteen and twenty different ethnic groups.

This is a discrepancy not so much as to whether a certain group of people "exists" or not, but whether local dialects once spoken continue to be mutually distinct in the face of population expansion, intermarriage, and migration.

There are a wide variety of ecological and agricultural zones to which people have adapted.

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Her actions led to the formation of the Sierra Leone Market Women's Union and the Washerwoman's Union. During the civil war(1991–2002), it is estimated that 33% of human rights violations were perpetrated against women.For example, the two largest ethnic groups, the Temne and Mende, each comprise about 30 percent of the total population, and have come to "absorb" many of their less populous neighbors.For instance, Loko people will admit to being heavily culturally influenced by the Temne people surrounding them, the Krim and the Gola by the Mende, and so on.The majority of women in Sierra Leone cannot afford to pay the medical examination fee nor can they afford the cost of a lawyer to represent them.In 2012, 10,000 Sierra Leonean men participated in a project called Husband School where they learned about gender equality, domestic violence, reproductive health, female genital mutilation and family planning.

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