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The Empress is not wearing a mere kimono, but a costume called “juuni-hitoe” (十二単, twelve-layered ceremonial robe).The Royal family in Japan wears it during wedding ceremonies even nowadays.These folding screens are very common in Japan for any type of decoration.They’re often also used to display the zodiac of the current year.

Not only today, but every year on March 3rd Japan celebrates the so-called “Hina Matsuri” (ひな祭り).

The “hina dolls” (雛人形, hina ningyo) are only displayed when a family has a daughter.

Usually a set is handed down from generation to generation or the grandparents or parents will buy one for a girl’s first Hina Matsuri (初節句, hatsuzekku)!

The main identifying doll mark for Mattel Barbie dolls and friends is located on the dolls buttock (modern dolls the mark is on the lower back, at the waist).

There are additional numbers on the inside arms, inside thighs, the back of the heads on the neck rim; these were probably manufacturer part numbers used to assemble the dolls and do not have any importance in trying to identify the Barbie doll or year it was on the market.

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