Dating gustav becker wall clock

If at all possible from the photos attached to this email could you shed some light as to its make and approximate value for insurance purposes.

Your expert experience on this subject would be greatly appreciated on this matter by my family and also any tips in keeping this beautiful timepiece in perfect condition.

Regarding maintenance: let's leave this for the next newsletter!

NOTE: While I am happy to provide my opinion on any timepiece based on photos and description - if time premits - such opinion is NOT legally binding in any financial or legal matter.

If your clock does not strike the correct number of times as indicated by the hour hand then use this procedure to correct it.

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Now be careful not to detach the mechanism from the sit board itself!First, it is the value of the clock as a timepiece. While your clock comes form a good home it would be difficult to convince any insurer that it possesses any significant value purely on it's provenance.Therefore the replacement value must be established based upon historical sales data for a similar clock made by Gustav Becker.However the dial style and shape of hands remained popular until 1960s.The clock itself is of fairly common construction for the era. It is a spring driven 8-day movement with 3 trains: time, hour strike and quarter chime on 4 gongs. On your photo, you can see the lever behind the dial, above the 2 o'clock position.

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