Dating dubarry patterns

Information about Spode and Copeland history can be found in the large Spode archive which is deposited at the Stoke on Trent City Archives.Here it is carefully looked after and is accessible to the public.Search patterns available from our vintage pattern vendors or add your name to a wishlist.Dubarry patterns were first produced in 1932 by the Simplicity pattern Company and sold exclusively to Woolworths until 1940.Please visit my page The Spode Archive for On this page, below, you will find links to my relevant blogposts about finding out about your Spode and Copeland pieces.You may find that you can do this yourself from these links. You can also find examples of backstamps illustrated on my my Spode ABC where you find all sorts of Spode history information.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Using the Spode archive and published books you can learn about the many different backstamps (marks) on Spode pieces.

You may also find pieces which are impressed Spode and then printed Copeland & Garrett.

The early patterns were marked dubarry, the logo was later changed to Dubarry.

Between 1933 - 1936 Dubarry patterns were marked with the NRA logo to support The National Recovery Act.

The undecorated pieces were already made and marked Spode prior to the name change in 1833.

1847 to 1970: the company was owned outright by the Copeland family and a variation on Copeland or W. Copeland was used; again often in conjunction with the Spode name.  In 1970, to celebrate the supposed bicentenary of the founding of the company, the name reverted to Spode with a new logo designed by John Sutherland Hawes.

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    Information about Spode and Copeland history can be found in the large Spode archive which is deposited at the Stoke on Trent City Archives.

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