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(See also: Chinese reunification, Taiwan independence, and Cross-Strait relations) In addition, the situation can be confusing because of the different parties and the effort by many groups to deal with the controversy through a policy of deliberate ambiguity.

The political solution that is accepted by many of the current groups is the perspective of the status quo: to unofficially treat Taiwan as a state and at a minimum, to officially declare no support for the government of this state making a formal declaration of independence.

In December 2016, before he had assumed office, he took a congratulatory call from President Tsai, breaking with decades of precedent.

C.’s support of Taiwan continues to be very strong,” Mr. Agencies of foreign governments such as the American Institute in Taiwan operate as de facto embassies of their home countries in Taiwan, and Taiwan operates similar de facto embassies and consulates in most countries under such names as "Taipei Representative Office" (TRO) or "Taipei Economic and Cultural (Representative) Office" (TECO).In certain contexts, Taiwan is also referred to as Chinese Taipei.The ROC government has in the past actively pursued the claim as the sole legitimate government over mainland China and Taiwan.This position began to change in the early 1990s as democracy was introduced and new Taiwanese leaders were elected, changing to one that does not actively challenge the legitimacy of PRC rule over mainland China.

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