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"] because Daniel's prophecies are "time-oriented" and reveal "WHEN" future events would occur. Since Josephus lived in the years 37 to 100 CE, he is closer to reality than modern scholars, who are more than 2,000 years removed from the biblical culture.Since the study of Daniel shows that modern scholars are biased against the reality of prophecy at the 98.5% confidence level, Josephus' view of Daniel appears to be correct. Eight copies of Daniel were found at the Qumran community with one copy dated to 125 BCE using carbon dating techniques.

Based on Jesus' claim to being the Messiah, it would be expected of him to foretell the coming destruction of the temple and Jerusalem.

Of fustian he wered a gypon Al bismotered with his habergeon, For he was late ycome from his viage, And wente for to doon his pilgrymage. This is a true statement for English as it is for Aramaic and Hebrew.

The style of writing and word usage date when the literature was written.

Again, the Naturalist views are questionable based on their doubts about Daniel being accepted as a prophet after only 40 years.

Would Daniel be renowned as a prophet if it were known that he had lived a mere 40 years earlier?

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