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In 1976, Soriano and his allies left Gugulan's sect.

In 1977, Soriano registered a new group, called Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan (Church of God in Christ Jesus, Pillar and Ground of Truth in English), which was later changed to Mga Kaanib sa Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan sa Bansang Pilipinas, Inc.

The victims’ representatives received the net proceeds of the concert.

The media workers’ orphaned children would also be granted scholarships.

Soriano, through the help of his nephew Daniel Razon, has been spearheading many projects for the indigent.

These include free medical and dental check-ups, a free Bus Ride and a free Transient Home for homeless people.

In 2004 Soriano's group changed their church's name as Members Church of God International.

He is also known for straightforward preaching and "exposing" what he believes are doctrinal errors of various local and international religious groups.("Members of the Church of God in Christ Jesus, Pillar and Ground of Truth, Philippines, Inc." in English).Because of the similarity between the name used by Gugulan's group and Soriano's group, the former filed a suit, which was resolved by the Supreme Court of the Philippines in 2001 in favor of Gugulan's group and Soriano's group was ordered to change their church's name.However, after the death of Nicolas Perez in 1975, Levita Gugulan was appointed as temporary Presiding General Secretary of the group.Soriano initially accepted the appointment of Gugulan but subsequently denounced her leadership stating that women should not be leaders of the church according to the Bible.

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