Dating contract daughter

Please provide Delta Dental with a copy of a document that proves the student is enrolled at a secondary institution and is taking at least 12 credit hours.

Acceptable documentation includes a copy of a paid tuition bill or a letter from the registrar.

Dental coverage terminates at the end of the month in which the child reaches the maximum dependent age or is no longer a full-time student.

However, the child may be eligible for COBRA benefits if the employer is required to offer COBRA.

The purchase agreement should indicate that the offer is for a land contract, and should state the purchase price, initial cash down payment, length of the payment term, and any other terms of sale.

A seller who accepts the terms of the buyer’s purchase offer should sign the offer making it an official purchase agreement.

Such forms may be a property transfer affidavit, which you may be required to file with the city assessor’s office for tax purposes, or a principle residence exemption, which gives the buyer a tax break for using the property as the buyer’s principle residence.

A deed to transfer the legal title of the property from the seller to the buyer should be drafted and signed by the seller at the closing.

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Written proof is required from the attending physician to verify the dependent’s disability.For information on land contracts in general, see the Nolo article.And for a variety of useful articles on real estate closings, see Escrow and Closing in Nolo’s Real Estate section.Since the deed to the property is not filed until the seller receives payment in full of the purchase price indicated in the land contract, this memorandum is filed with the city and county to record the buyer’s interest in the property.The memorandum should list the address and legal description of the property as well as the names of the buyer and seller, and the date of the land contract.

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