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Following the death of James Wiltshaw in 1918, due to an accident at Stoke-on-Trent railway station, control of the company passed to his son Frederick Cuthbert Wiltshaw.

The company continued to expand, acquiring Birks, Rawlins and Co. Wiltshaw's wife Alice was brutally murdered on 16 July 1952, during a robbery at the couples home 'Estoril', a large 14 room house at Barlaston, Staffordshire.

Mottled, mostly pale blue lustre-ware was also sold under the separate "Armand" brand.

The famous script "Carlton Ware" trademark was introduced in 1928.

We decided to find out more and set ourselves a task of collecting at least one example of every pattern produced.

Little did we realise what a task that would become.

We are still turning up new ones as we scour antique fairs, shops and of course e Bay.The Registered Number, usually written as Rd on the piece of pottery, gives the date when that design was registered to prevent copying, but it could have been made at any time later than that date.We have been collecting Carlton Ware for a number of years now, and some time ago at an antiques fair we bought a beautiful bone china plate which was marked underneath Carlton China'. Intrigued, we decided to find out more and discovered there was remarkably little known about this type of ware from the makers of Carlton Ware.Leslie Green, who had previously worked as a chauffeur for the family, was convicted of the murder and hanged at Winson Green Prison on 23 December 1952 by Albert Pierrepoint.The company was renamed Carlton Ware Limited in 1958 and following the death of Frederick Cuthbert Wiltshaw in 1966, the company was sold to Arthur Wood and Sons.

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