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The girl might offer to pay for her part and stuff if she feels like leeching off of you and she will obviously feel that way, but its a tradition for guy to be firm and pay anyway.

If you are not looking for serious relationship, than I advice you to look in non-serious places - clubs, pubs, etc.

The notion "Armenian culture" implies not just the culture of Armenia but that of the Armenian people, the majority of whom live outside the current boundaries of the republic of Armenia.

Armenians call themselves hay and identify their homeland not by the term "Armenia" but as Hayastan or Hayasdan.

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Having strong family roots and traditions, their culture is slightly different from the rest of the world, and one should respect this when meeting an Armenian single woman or girl.

Some naive foreigner talking up a girl who happens to be some person's daughter or sister ...

then the foreigner gets a visit from the brother, father, or friend ... It can happen, depending on the person ;)Conservative dating culture, and not every father/brother will approve of their daughter dating or being in relationship with foreigner. If you want "Western dating" , Armenia is different.

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You’ll then have to create your dating profile, which should include information about yourself and also give some idea of the sort of person you’re looking for.

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