Dating archaeology challenges biblical credibility

Their findings mean that those scholars convinced that the Hebrew Old Testament is at best a compendium of revisionist, fragmented history, mixed with folklore and theology, and at worst a piece of outright propaganda, likely will have to apply the brakes to their thinking.

He never intended to walk into archeology's vicious debate over the historical accuracy of the Old Testament -- a conflict likened by one historian to a pack of feral canines at each other's throats.

(Fans of the British satirical-comedy group Beyond the Fringe will recall how Jacob pulled off the theft by presenting himself as the hirsute Esau to their blind father, saying in an aside: "My brother Esau is an hairy man, but I am a smooth man.") The Edomites are lambasted in the Bible for refusing to let the Israelites rest on their land as they flee Egypt.

Home 20th Century Dinosaurs Dinosaurs in Literature, Art & History Eyewitness Accounts There Were Giants In The Earth in Those Days Those Sophisticated "Cave Men" Search for Noah's Ark DNA, The Ultimate Oopart The Bone Yards Underwater Cities, Monuments? Adams and his colleagues have looked at is true, other bits could be true as well.

Because, if the little bit of the Old Testament's narrative that Prof.

"It is intriguing that at Khirbat en-Nahas, our large Iron Age fort is dated to just this period, suggesting conflict as a central concern even at a remote copper-production site." The Mideast's latest archaeological sensation is all about Edom.

The Bible says Edom's kings interacted with ancient Israel, but some scholars have confidently declared that no Edomite state could have existed that early. By looser reckoning, their monarchy emerged around 1000 B. (The exodus came long before.) Sample skepticism: The Anchor Bible Dictionary (1992) says "Edom was probably not a political unity" in Moses' time, and for three or four centuries afterward, which also rule out war with David.

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