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The work accident book plays an extremely important role in the immediate aftermath of an accident in the workplace and for several reasons can be equally important at a later date.So what exactly is a work accident book and when and how should it be used?Details of the accident can be entered into the work accident book either by the injured party or by a colleague.Details of the date, name of the injured party, witnesses, full circumstances of the accident and resulting injuries must be entered into the accident book.

Reporting minor accidents can reveal larger risks waiting to happen.

Employees are required to inform their employers as soon as possible after the accident has taken place.

If a worker is incapacitated and unable to work for more than seven days as the result of an accident, the employer must report the details of the accident (as recorded within the work accident book).

Information in the work accident book is legally required to be stored safely for three years.

However, it is worthwhile reporting all forms of accidents.

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