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He has a fragile ego and he’ll want you to keep him feeling strong and appreciated.And don’t expect to take the reins from him when it comes to planning more dates, unless you have an idea that tops one of his.His loyalty and love compatibility is without question once he commits.This is true in the bedroom as well, for Aries men treat their partners like queens.For, once you upset the delicate balance that is his pride, you’ll discover his quick temper and be ready for a breakup.But if you can avoid any public arguments or messy situations, the Aries guy will love and protect you until the end of time.Expect things like rock climbing, salsa dancing, or white water rafting, for he wants to see if you can keep up with his love of a challenge.

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Find tips on sex and intimacy, being a great boyfriend or girlfriend and managing your relationship through all its highs and lows.

His lust and passion are unrivaled and he will try his hardest to ensure you have as much fun as possible.

The Aries man prides himself on showing a girl a good time and this is no exception.

One great thing about the Libra woman is her unassuming nature.

She is social and fun and always at ease with herself and those around her.

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