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“Burlesque is very important to the female community because it celebrates our history as women and also our future as women. The history of movement is beautiful.”As if Danielle isn’t busy enough, she is gathering pickers from all over the country to participate in her new foray, American Vintage Market.

Many women don’t appreciate their form because it doesn’t look like what they see on the front cover of a magazine. This market will feature vintage jewelry, clothing, antique furniture, toys, etc.

“I love to see what people do with their vintage and how it is being re-purposed.”How does she fit it all in?

Ask her: “I wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning every day. I sleep three or four hours every night, but I wouldn’t change anything.

“You can watch our show and not have a material possession to your name and you can still have hope that you can feed your family off of rummaging thru someone’s garbage. From the poverty level to the richest in the country, it inspires hope for a better future.”Danielle, or Danny, as her friends call her, grew up in Clinton, Iowa, which is just outside the Quad Cities in the Midwest.

In 2010, Frank alongside his two other friends Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby launched their reality show “American Pickers” on History Channel.He is also a proud co-owner and manager of the antique archeology shop and the restoration company which deals in restoration and reselling of vintage and antique light fixtures.Other than his online website where he sells his items, he also owns a kids pickers website which is a platform for children to discuss their collectibles.The show became a hit in the reality film industry and earned him the beginning of his famous days.He prides himself as a modern recycler who sells antiquities directly from his shop and also online through his website.

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