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“From the time it hit the national airwaves in 1957,” observes rock historian Hank Bordowitz, “ The show helped make rock ‘n roll more acceptable to many adults by bringing the music and the dancing kids into their homes every afternoon, with Clark providing the responsible, clean-cut adult supervision.

also helped to open the doors to a new kind of music business.

that contributed to the practice of keeping black teens off the show.

Philadelphia, like other northern cities at the time, was a racially mixed city.

appeared in August 1957, featuring the largely black-derived idiom of rock `n roll, the show’s studio audience remained segregated to the extent that viewers around the country did not have an inkling that Philadelphia contained one of the largest black populations in America.” missed an opportunity to have played more of a leadership role advancing civil rights given the show’s national prominence and its tremendous sway over youth culture.

See Delmont’s website for details on his book and its findings.

He featured musical guests lip-synching their songs and used his teenage audience to “rate” new records. By August 1957, now called was picked up by 101 stations.

And he also packaged concert tours, taking the music on the road. We published the songs domestically and abroad, managed the acts, pressed the records, distributed the records, promoted the records. Clark was investigated by Congress during the scandal, along with other prominent DJs like Alan Freed.

first went national with ABC in August 1957, Lee Andrews and the Hearts appeared among the first guests performing their song, “Long Lonely Nights.” In that year as well, other black artists also appeared, including Jackie Wilson, Johnny Mathis, Chuck Berry, Mickey & Sylvia, and others.

African American artists would continue to appear on the show in fairly regular order over the years.

Later, “Bandstand memberships” were used, and when maxed out, no new folks could get on the show.

Blacks did get on the show, but in very sparse numbers.

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