Cuban dating woman

No one does, not even Camila Caballo in her famous “Havana” hit song. If I had a dollar every time someone messaged me (on Instagram) a version of that story, I could buy an overly priced motorcycle already on this damn island.

Dating a cuban and the love culture in general here is hard to explain and even more complicated to understand.


and calling for a critical examination of this case and the Accuser whose personal blogs have included statements which clearly reveal the metamorphism of a troubled mentality which sheds light on why she would make false allegations after being rejected and rebuffed that evening and asked to excuse herself from Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s and Claudine Deniro’s presence and give them privacy,” proclaims the Oscar winner’s lawyer Mark Keller in a Friday filing in NY criminal court (read it here).

So before you recharge a cell-phone or send any money through Western Union, let me try my best to describe and give you some tips on how things work here on the island of lust. Whether you’re okay with it or not, its really apart of the culture.2ND UPDATE, PM: A Manhattan judge has rejected Cuba Gooding Jr.’s motion to dismiss the case against him, in which a woman claimed the Oscar winner groped her in a bar, and set a trial date.Judge Phyllis Chu ruled that conflicting accounts about what happened on June 9 at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge are grounds for a trial, which is set to begin September 9. UPDATED, JUNE 26, AM: A hearing on Wednesday in New York City on Cuba Gooding Jr.’s desire to have criminal charges of forcible touching dismissed saw further action pushed until July 17.They will charm the shit out of you but you have to be careful who really has good intentions, as in any relationship, with anyone, from anywhere.Many Cuban-Foreign relationships are very beautiful and we know many long -lasting ones so of course take this blog with just precaution.

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