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Too many cougars hit the gym obsessively, whittling their bodies down to nothing but bone. He won’t know as much about money management or interior design or even table manners as you do.His apartment might be messy and his resume might be all botched up. If you lie about having children or send them away to visit their aunt anytime your cub comes over, everybody will feel guilty.Cougars are all the rage for men in their twenties through forties (although the latter are kidding themselves—they’re no young cubs).

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A younger man wants to feel that you’re approaching the concept of dating younger men from a positive place.In this article, we will tell you all about these rules. Be older and smarter, do not pretend to be a young woman.Young people are usually inspired by the experience and mind of an older woman. You do not have to agree with all the things that the young man says. If you eat only fast food and candies, it is unlikely you will have a good figure and an excellent sex drive.You’ll thrive in the game of dating younger men if you can pin that down, and if you can avoid the bad behavior of your fellow 40-plus felines.Trying to dress like you’re half your age makes you look twice your age.

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