Consolidating first second mortgage loans

The limit on either FHA or USDA sponsored cash out refinance loans is a 80% LTV.

Veterans who are refinancing VA home loans while taking cash out have an LTV limit of 90%.

This table helps homebuyers explore their mortgage options.

You can click on the purchase button to switch away from refinance loans to purchase options & other loan features are included in the filter section which let you change the loan amount, the home's location, the downpayment on the home, the loan term & more.

There are several reasons why you may consider consolidating your first and second mortgages.

Lenders frequently allow borrowers to obtain up to 80% or even 85% of their home equity on conventional home loans.Note: Ensure you only include the principal and interest portion of your monthly mortgage payment.Do not include any escrow portions (property taxes, insurance, etc.).Then include closing costs as either percentage points or a dollar amount.Finish up by indicating whether or not you would like to finance these closing costs.

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