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Another more “bad boy” variation: – Does the carpet match the drapes?

These are good to use to ramp up the sexual tension again. ” is good if you know that she’s a cool chick and can take a bit of edgy-ness and busting her chops.

There’s a lot of talk these days about being cocky funny in your emails to women you meet online.

Well, that does work to some extent, but I’ll reserve my judgment and critique of that approach for another day.

Little commands like this serve to create that “you’re my little plaything” vibe with her.

And the cocky a**hole persona just is not going to work. Just have the mind-set that you are the prize and keep things light, playful and fun.Even if that isn’t your persona, that’s what we’re going to shoot for…that’s the ideal. There are some things that DO NOT work when creating this persona. 7.) This isn’t helping your chances to get with me This one is a role-reversal text that is intended to be playful. frames the woman as the one who is chasing or pursuing you. You can deliver this one with a smiley face that has its tongue sticking out.You can use it pretty much anytime in the early stages. Like this: “: P” This is to make sure she gets the “tone” of the message.

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    But, not only will these computerized messages have you upgrade your membership – they will have you chatting with a robot (computer).

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    Some of these women have families outside, and some have no one to look forward to going home to when they get out.