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In this episode, following Elder Beth Regan’s Mohegan-language conference invocation, state historian Walt Woodward describes Eleazar Wheelock’s life as a local minister and Great Awakening evangelist, his relationship with Samson Occom, and life at Moor’s Indian Charity School.

To learn more, visit CHS’s current exhibition, , on view through September 14, 2019 and join Natalie at the Connecticut Historical Society on September 14, 2019 for a gallery program related to this topic, or visit the CHS’s Research Center anytime to view the Ku Klux Klan documents yourself.This episode was produced by Natalie Belanger and engineered by Patrick O’Sullivan.State historian Walt Woodward talks with transportation historian Richard De Luca who takes us on an expert’s tour of Connecticut’s long history of charging people to get from here to there.In this episode, edited from a lecture at the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, Dr.Tracey Wilson, town historian for West Hartford, comments on Auerbach and Woodhouse’s contribution to the development of women in leadership roles in Connecticut and reads from Auerbach’s travel diaries.

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