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I wonder if they got a reward from the person they were chatting up... No half-assed attempts at appearing sexy, interesting, smart, cool, funny and unique all at the same time: you either put everything in or nothing. There's no bullsh*tting here, no skirting around the subject. So go with it, and enjoy these inspirational Tinder moments. Sometimes it's desperate and makes you lose faith in humanity, and sometimes it's hilarious.The fact that dating now depends on who can take the best profile photo and who has the best one-liners is pretty f*cking bizarre, but that's the world we live in now, so we might as well embrace it.A Twitter user apparently found this "nice" note taped up around town. It turns out that almost no one feels that way:via @Hell3Quin, @mitchberghini, @Big Hairy Marty, @scatterkeir, @Agent Ann KBut hey, there's hope! Do you feel safer now knowing this guy is somewhere out there?Without further ado, enjoy these surprisingly funny Tinder moments and remember that you can use these for yourself if you need to. Tinder is the black hole of unadulterated, shamelessly thirsty modern day 'romance', and these moments capture the inevitable cringe that almost inevitably pops up every time you swipe right in sync with someone else on Tinder.

Anyway, these funny profiles, bad puns and utter bizarreness are the byproduct of modern dating. Check these out for more funny and sad moments from the wild world of tinder. Okay, most of the time you're gonna have a crappy conversation until one of you stops responding.If you wanna see some strange and disturbing profiles, then check these out.This young and brash woman felt the need to toss a guy's meticulously assembled, reasonably creative Power Point Tinder profile on Twitter for the wolves to tear at. Sometimes Tinder seems hellbent on delivering the world endless amounts of cringeworthy immaturity. That's a winning combo for today's fast-dating landscape.Are some of these borderline insane, and giving off the distinct whiff of potential sex addiction? Radio Host @Stefan Molyneux, met quite a bit of backlash on Twitter after tweeting out his incendiary thoughts on how women wearing lipstick is equivalent to men wearing "artificial erections" around the office.

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