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“When I came to England as the wife of the French president, I had a fantastic time – because English people, they like when you respect their protocols. “When she was born and I used to nurse her, we used to call her Pol Pot, because she would eat every hour. I’m not someone who would go and fight for something.” .

They thought I was going to come and be provocative, right, because of my past. Every two hours at night,” and she feigns exhausted despair. I was just, I can’t, I can’t do it.” Becoming a politician’s wife taught her one thing, she says. Fun doesn’t really work with this kind of position, so I couldn’t play around – and me, I like a lot to play around for fun, you know? I mean, I take life very seriously, but not myself or the situation.” Even so, some comments have landed Bruni in hot water. I just said I admire the feminists, but I’m not myself a feminist because many women who came before me gave us rights. I never was politically militant, never socially militant, you know. She reportedly told friends it was about Hollande, and the lyrical allusions seem unambiguous: the right-wing critics’ nickname for him, Mr Neither-Yes-Nor-No, appears to be echoed by the line, “Neither ugly nor beautiful, neither tall nor short, neither hot nor cold, the penguin, neither yes or no”, while another appears to mock his official portrait, taken in the Elysée Palace gardens: “You look all alone in your garden.” So is the song about her husband’s successor? The minute you put them in the muse position, they go: What? She jumps to her husband’s defence when I bring up one of many legal cases he is currently fighting. You can say, ‘Oh, I don’t like Sarkozy, I don’t like his policies.’ Or even ‘I don’t like the way he talks.’ Or whatever, you know? But you can never say Sarkozy does something to a woman, never! It’s impossible when you know him.” While Sarkozy was president, Bruni continued to write songs, but very rarely performed.

They had both, it was whispered, already taken lovers since their improbable whirlwind wedding four years earlier.

Besides, even if they did stay together, Sarkozy’s political career was over.

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CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE Every day reports circulate that she's in hospital already giving birth.

She is generous with sweet if wildly far-fetched compliments, and her sentences are often completed with a gesture or expression, so that it feels as if her whole body is making conversation. Hanging up, she spots a nearby couple drinking champagne and exclaims, “Shall we? ” She orders us Coca-Colas, but keeps eyeing their table. Oh, and rosé champagne – mmm, I love it.” Let’s order some, then? “Well, my man doesn’t drink, so I’m not going to open a bottle of wine.” Sarkozy, she explains, has never even tasted alcohol.

Despite laughing all the time, and contradicting herself quite often, she still conveys an impression of discerning substance – which must owe something to her background, scion of a vastly wealthy and cultured Italian family, and something to the psychoanalysis she has been in for years – though when her phone rings and the name “Amour Nicolas” appears, she dissolves into kittenish delight. “He doesn’t like the smell, and he never tasted the great pleasure of being slightly drunk, you know? “So he just finds it smells bad, and makes people behave funny, so he doesn’t like it. I’m not Yeats, but I still try, you know, I try to write my poetry.” She gave him the lyric sheet, “And he kept it, you know? He still has it.” It was, she has always said, love at first sight. Sarkozy was a right-wing politician, whereas Bruni had dropped out of the Sorbonne at 19 to become a supermodel, and soon the mistress of Mick Jagger, before moving on to Eric Clapton.

“No, because, first of all, he’s not a man who does things in a half way, so I’m afraid if he likes it, he’s just going to want to . That evening she read him some lyrics she had written. You have, like, this other person who has your name, who does all these strange things you don’t do, and says all these strange things you never said,” she giggles.

“So I was actually happy, because that famous thing really helped me through the time that my husband was the president.” The couple wed in February 2008, just before Sarkozy’s first state visit to Britain. ” The pregnancy wasn’t easy, nor were the early months.

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