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Is there a provision for connecting the cube camera with a sim card?

When TM1 (or Planning Analytics) is first set up or you activate a sample model (like Planning Sample, Proven Techniques, GO New Stores, GO Scorecards, SData or 24Retail), they have standard TM1 security.

If you are using TM1 in a corporate environment you will probably want to connect your TM1 models to your company’s Active Directory server.

Is remote viewing on mobile possible- Android & i OS smartphones? Yes, remote viewing on the mobile phone is possible through the mobile application. The camera can be configured via the mobile application through android/apple – tablet/Smartphone. After installation of the Mobile application, what is the process of configuration? The user will need to follow these steps for configuration: 1. Once turned on, a voice prompt will indicate “Access point established” 3. Select station mode and search for the available Wi-Fi networks 4. Once connected, the feed from the camera can be viewed online through the device via the application. When the camera is restarted (power is reset) and there is no Wi-Fi connection, the date and time are also reset to factory default. These cameras pick up date and time from the Wi-Fi network. To provide a local static ip to the camera, follow the below instructions: Go to Set enable “Manual configuration” and provide a static local ip manually within the series of router ip as follows: Q. New version of App has been released on play store i.e.

These cube cameras are the basic/entry level models and do not have an RTC/BIOS to store the date and time. You can download from the below link: https:// PC client.exe?

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