C settings xmlvalidatingreader xml system

Properties of Xml Reader Settings class Xml Reader Settings settings=new Xml Reader Settings( ); Xml Reader reader=null; Reader=Xml Reader. The Xml Validating Reader class uses the Validation Event Handler() callback method that is called when a validation error occurs.

The following code explains validation of XML document using Xml Validating Reader class.

XML is a language that can display data in a standard and self describing format. Xml namespace, that contains many classes to write and read XML documents. Xml namespace provides non-cached forward only and write only access to XML data.

Xml Document xdoc=new Xml Document(); Xml Text Reader text Reader=new Xml Text Reader(“Product.xml”); Xml Validating Reader validating Reader=new Xml Validating Reader(text Reader); xdoc.

NET enables to present the data in a Diff Gram format.

The Diff Gram format preserves information about changes to the data in the dataset so that we can choose whether to accept or reject the changes when we read the XML data back to the dataset.

Xml Writer provides full support for XML namespace.

Isolation levels Xml Writer objects are created by using the Create () method. We can pass an object of Xml Writer Settings class to the Create () method in order to specify the settings or properties, which are to be enabled on the Xml Writer object.

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