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As Chief Diplomatic Correspondent covering the Carter State Department in late-1979, Koppel was a key figure in ABC's nightly coverage of the ongoing Iran hostage crisis, (first aired November 8, 1979).In addition to his regular State Department reports, Koppel frequently served as a substitute anchor for the program, periodically relieving Frank Reynolds behind the anchor desk.This in-depth exploration of the modern Chinese economy has been singled-out by Koppel as one of his most satisfying documentary achievements.After 2008, Koppel remained active as a broadcaster, author and speaker, serving as a news analyst for National Public Radio, a contributor to BBC America, and a correspondent for the NBC News program (2015).

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In this post, Koppel did extensive reporting on China, including traveling with President Nixon on his historic visit to China in 1972.

In the era before the emergence of the 24 hour cable news cycle, has contributed important innovations to the practice of television journalism including the use of simultaneous live satellite interviews with multiple participants; the use "natural sound" narration (the "Petacque" technique); the town-meeting discussion/debate format; and the use of Hi8 and hand-held video cameras for the collection of original news footage.

In 1987, at the height of initial success, Koppel entered into contract negotiations with the ABC network and its parent company at that time, Capital Cities Communications.

While at Stanford, Koppel met his future wife Grace Anne Dorney. After graduation from Stanford, Koppel served a short internship at the NBC network before landing his first job as a copyboy for WMCA radio in New York.

They were married in 1963, the same year that Koppel became a naturalized U. A year later, Koppel was hired on at ABC News radio along with Stewart Klein, Charlie Osgood, Betty Adams, Howard Hodkins and former WMCA disc jockey Jim Harriott to staff a new daily news program, .

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