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He has manners, people, and he's not afraid to shout about them! I would speculatively classify this gent as "Brooklyn basic," a Williamsburg type who favors craft beers. The actual joke that followed involved balls, and based on our subsequent conversation, I suspect we would not spark. With so many aggressively ambitious types crammed onto one island, and with so many options available at their fingertips, New Yorkers may prefer to keep their options open. She describes NYC's dating pool as "a dumpster fire or something similarly dramatic. showed me the strange intersection of murder and dad jokes. The Verdict: It looks like the Americans win with jokes. doesn’t skirt around the question; his cheeky answer is amusing and definitely warranted a response. didn't push the issue and played along — he's got some funny in him. So gracious and appreciative, it makes you want to give him a hug. and his one-minute response time suggests extreme thirst, bud. seemed genuinely happy to receive that compliment, which, in turn, made me happy to give it. I was a little disappointed he didn't send a compliment back. The Verdict: It seems like men aren't used to getting compliments and the awkwardness that ensued proved it. ruined perfectly good bear content with baby jokes, what a shame. is attractive in a romantic-interest-on-a-sitcom kind of way, and I am sort of surprised he answered, given that our profiles suggest few to no overlapping interests. Claire from the US: A.'s brevity and aversion to articles makes him a winner. Claire from the US: After looking up J.'s song reference on You Tube, I disagree with his choices, but appreciate his interpretation of the question. but we will forever appreciate the Eurovision reference. has some good stuff going on here, some suggestions that really appeal to the old-school romantic in me. needs some clarification, which is fair, just not necessarily romantic. She says dating in her city is "a bit like riding the underground during rush hour: overcrowded, competitive, and somewhat unfriendly. Most people would be pretty annoyed but I appreciate his honesty. doesn't give a perfect or even a desirable answer for those looking for something serious, but it’s straight up honest and that’s all anyone can ask for. More broadly, though, it seems guys are forever slapping disclaimers on first dates, like, “Hey stranger, just so you know, I’m potentially down for sex but I’m never going to be interested in you in any real way.” Cool, wow, thanks, so glad I made time to meet you, bro. Sounds pretty, but it’s a sentence without any meaning.

Sure, it's a heavy pick-up line, but two adults should be able to discuss love, right?

Black power shows he's proud of his heritage; he's a film buff, which suggests creativity; he travels, which means he's worldly. is either really keen on reaching that five-a-day fruit target or he was most definitely going in direction. I'm not interested in sleeping with this pair, but I hope they find their unicorn — best of luck out there. Honestly, I felt a little guilty after reading this one. I have a question for T., if you're trying to be funny by being frank but it isn’t even funny, is it just rude? I feel good about the skin I’m in so I automatically assumed the latter — but who knows?

It leads me to believe that this is a form letter he fires off to every match/possible third. he is just using humour to express his entitled preference for darker-skinned women…

These guys come here looking for love/casual sex and instead they land on Bustle. further confirms that my profile pic ensemble is basically straight dude bait, and yet not a single man hit on or even high-fived me when I wore it IRL.

makes me no longer feel bad for any of these dudes.

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