Bay area professional dating

Megan Merrill has come across this scene countless times. Merrill, 30, is a dating coach who specializes in helping Bay Area professionals look beyond their smartphones and computer screens to make meaningful connections with other human beings.

The Bay Area’s over-reliance on technology and the pervasive belief that everything — even romance — can be solved with an app or lines of code is often the biggest hurdle Merrill faces when helping clients.

Her clients skew male, though she offers services to both men and women.

Taking the dating course “really trained me to get out of my head and stop asking questions or doing things that I thought were going to get me what I wanted from someone,” said Wagner, who now volunteers as an instructor in Merrill’s classes.

“We’ve become so much more about the goal than the journey.

Judith Gottesman is a matchmaker and dating coach specializing in the West Coast Jewish community.

The daughter of Rabbi Aaron Gottesman, who himself came from a long line of famous rabbis, she has always had an interest in the Jewish tradition of matchmaking and the idea that there is a soul mate out there for each and every one of us.

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