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My assignment: Report on last Saturday’s 50th high school reunion gathering of the MVRHS class of ’66 at the Wharf in Edgartown.I was all over it: ’66, at Chatsworth High in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley (aka “The Valley”), was my own long-ago class!And everyone pointed across the crowded room at “Mr.Popular,” Jeffrey Madison, a party boy who surprised everyone by skedaddling off to law school and becoming a judge, for crying out loud!Senior Class”) and Debbie Galley Athearn, owners of Morning Glory Farm; and Bruce Wayne and Susan Metell Wayne (class of ’67), who stayed romantically attached even after heading off to separate colleges.

going steady in high school), and are still together as senior married items: Jim Athearn (“Mr.”I realized immediately that Louella, slim and cute in a slinky brown silk jumper, could be my Deep Throat for edgier information.I knew from a glance at the yearbook that none of the guys had long hair or even sideburns; they proudly displayed the shiny pompadours of an earlier age.We’d be driven home to change.”She said they all wore jeans in their down time, and they did the typical stuff of the day — riding around in cars with boys. But the frequent references to booze tipped me off: These sweet kids would have to wait a while for a major ’60s shakeup.For my own bad-boy (and -girl) class of ’66 in California, once the weed came in, the booze went out.

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