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I misjudged my hotness, but that didn’t discourage me.

I started to search for my captain in my quaint, fake hometown.

How did a Russian-born novelist become such an influential "thought leader" for American CEOs, entrepreneurs, and MBAs — and even Alan Greenspan?

Consider the message behind Ayn Rand best sellers href=" Server?

Playing coy does not get you a sea captain husband. I would have to make the first move and start up a chat.

Go on any Internet dating site, and you're likely to find a profile template that invites users to list their favorite authors.

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Or, you know, for people with a boat to get dates in people who want to date people with boats. Not just like Farmers Only, which could just be considered rural dating. If you’re on Sea Captain Date, you better be on a boat ready for some adventures on the high seas or you’re a phony. Bill Kay, the owner, sort of found a niche when he made a video back in 2010 and it just sort of took off from there.

Her first best seller, The Fountainhead, weaved those Objectivist beliefs into the speeches of the book’s hero, architect Howard Roark.

Roark, who faces trial for dynamiting a building that he designed after his architectural plans were changed behind his back, tells the jury that he lives on his own terms, with no obligation to men except “to respect their freedom and to take no part in a slave society.” Drafts of Atlas Shrugged were read by the young Alan Greenspan, who belonged to href="

Have you ever wondered which novelist might be most polarizing?

I myself have contemplated this — and my best guess is Ayn Rand, the author of — the novel that inspired the new movie, which was released on Friday. If you meet a guy who loves her — or hates her — is that a dating dealbreaker for you?

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