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It's wise to keep the previously married people separate. Often they're older, so getting married again isn't always practical. The 16% of "never been married" people that say they never want to get married also deserves some study.

A follow-up question I would want to ask is: "Have you always felt this way?

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We also learned something we probably already suspected – that single people value freedom more than married people do.

But the study added an intriguing twist – single people also get more happiness out of their valuing of freedom.

My wise sources from the Community of Single People tell me that “Black Panther” featured some badass women who were unpartnered and had no need for a partner and that on “Alone Together,” a TV show on Freeform, a man and a woman are best friends and never turn into romcom clichés.

Something which is often assumed of all single people. Everyone is not born black, Asian, Latino, or any other minority group. Treating single people like a protected group is absurd.They know it's hard for them to get going, to be debt-free, to get on the property ladder, etc., and they don't want to expose kids to it. It's a refreshing change to the typical Boomer-esque hand-wringing about the "youth of today".Younger generations seem to get the idea that commitments mean a lot, and they appear to be more circumspect in granting them." I suspect some would say they wanted to get married when they were younger, but it just never happened.Now that they are settled into their single lifestyle that can't see changing it.

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