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I need some help with dating an Ashton pipe that the mailman has just delivered straight into my happy hands It is a Sovereign LX with silver band on shank and silver rim.It is stamped on the left side "Ashton" below "SOVEREIGN" below to the left "LX" in an oval; on the right side it says "MADE IN" below "ENGLAND" with no date code. I love this pipe but it's pretty big for me, so I'll give it a try and smoke it a couple of times and in case I find it too big I might be willing to trade it for a nice dane of similiar value.But notice on the main search page, down underneath the Advanced search heading, the small-print link that says "Show more search fields…" There's real magic in that link -- the power to slice and dice your searches by more than 20 different criteria.In short, Tobacco Reviews is both user-friendly and incredibly powerful.Columbus dubbed tobacco “the special herb” and we can’t help but agree.

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Sometimes this is needed with the LX size, due to a crack at the end of the shank. You may want to remove the stem and see if you can detect a crack. As to the dating I read some posts on other forums and groups on the net and it seems that the date code is not always present, especially on the early Ashtons.

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For example, if they saw a pipe in a shop in 1999 that had a date code from 1994, they were leary of buying it, thinking that something was wrong with the pipe if it had laid around unsold for 4 years.

I believe this was in the mid 1990s, and was just for a couple of years.

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