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But it never does, thanks, in part, to its numerous female writers, and in part to Anna Torv’s commanding, nuanced performance as Dr. A psychology professor hired to bring scientific legitimacy to Ford and Tench’s nascent work, Wendy’s role is to analyze what serial killers say about themselves and develop insights from there.As was hinted in season one and becomes much clearer in season two, Wendy’s unflappable exterior belies a complex inner life: she is gay, and unable to be publicly out in an era where homosexuality had only recently been removed from the DSM as a mental disorder.Anna appeared on the Bell Shakespeare Company in John Bell‘s production of Hamlet, with a role of Ophelia in the year 2003 and started her acting career through theatre.In 2004, she appeared as Nikki Martel in Australia’s acclaimed television drama The Secret Life of Us. She has been the part of the American television series Fringe.Netflix’s gripping, unsettling psychological drama Mindhunter is a show in which two men – FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt Mc Callany) – interview dozens of incarcerated serial killers in the 1970s, developing the methodology we now know as criminal profiling.

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Apart from it, she has appeared n the BBC series Mistresses as well as the role of Nikki Martel in the Australian television drama The Secret Life of Us.

Last year, a number of celebrities opened about their health issues and one of them was American actress cum musician Zosia Mamet.

She had disclosed to her fans early last year that she was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction which (Read more)….

She was born in the year 1979 to the white ethical family.

Her birthday is celebrated on every June 7 and she has reached the age 38 years. Anna Torv was born to an Australian parent on 7 June 1979, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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