Am i intimidatingly beautiful

Take this with a grain of salt, but as a guy that women have told is better than average looking, not smoking but not average, I have no idea about my own appearance in relation to other peoples opinion.Well, everyone gets a sense of it, but that's very little.

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Intimidated wouldn't be the right word: if she were to talk to me, or if I had to talk to her (coworker, patron, what have you) I wouldn't have an issue replying or doing my job; but I'm not going to talk to some random woman just because she's attractive. I have no real desire to talk to her, I don't want anything from her, I have nothing to say other than bullshit small talk; why would I waste my time and her's?I would not recommend going up to a girl and compliment her fysique though, no, but there's nothing wrong with showing in between the lines you think someone's hot.I daresay, there's something No, not at all : ) that was really informative.Mind you, girls like it when their boyfriends show they like their body.It took me years of thinking I would be disrespectful to say anything like that to my girl, but when in the end I loosened up and told her I loved her ass she loved it.

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