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There are approximately 60,000 new conscripts every year to work for two years in the army, divided into two groups; the first group enters the army in May and the second in November.All of them have been tested for HIV in the first month of their entry since 1989 for readiness of the strong troops and appropriate work.non-use of seatbelt, helmet), early age at first sex, no condom use at first sex, having sex with female sexual workers (FSWs), having sex with men, multiple sex partners, history of STDs [15-19].Other risk factors are condom misconception, low perceived benefit of condom [20,21]; substance use, alcohol use before sex [10,22-24]; low self-efficacy and other psychosocial factors [25,26].

This study aimed to identify HIV risk factors among Thai young men aged 21-23 years for appropriate preventive interventions.A combination of biological, behavioral, and social factors may account for the influence of primary prevention on the HIV epidemic.HIV prevention measures can be focused on each of these factors and young people are a focus of the national AIDS program [3].There are many studies that show the associations between risk factors and HIV infection.These risk factors are: low education level, not living with parents/wife, low economic status, HIV misconception, low perceived risk of HIV, smoking, substance use, risk taking behaviors (e.g.

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