After updating bios cmos checksum bad Anonymous adult chat no webcam for ipad

If this doesn't help, maybe reprogramming the BIOS through BIOS update will do the trick.

@dbarker its kinda bit old PC with a P4VP-MX Asus motherborad....

In a laptop, it could be sheathed in a holder of some type and be more expensive. Looking at the age of your machine pic above you might think is so old, is it worth repairing?

In your location the chip may be difficult to obtain.

But it is important for the relevant details of the MB.

Mike Just a clarification CMOS and cmos battery are not the same.

when that screen appears my keyboard wont function.... Check out section 1.11 in dbarker's manual link above. And make sure the disc is in the drive before you start the computer.but when I turned it on no problems were found and after I reformat it and do a clean install it is still no errors and it goes smoothly but then the day after this problem comes out and I have no idea why this had happened....just to clarify I did not reinstall WXP just because this problem occurred but because it wasn't use for a long time so I decided to reinstall the OS to get rid of all old files and as I said it goes great and then suddenly after a day this problem just pop out... SLanguage=en&p=1&m=P4VP-MX&s=15&hashedid=h2Iybi Xlhuh UUW38&os=&no=1704 Download the latest BIOS file (I would suggest not the beta) and BIOS updater from here It showed the logo and everything and it booted to windows fine with no issues.Until I eanted to change my video out put to a GPU.

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