Advice on dating a younger man

He might appreciate the lifestyle you can offer him.

He can still work hard to get ahead in his career, but you can provide fun weekend experiences and great vacations along the way.

The real test will be how things feel to you after a few months of dating.

Women have been doing it with older guys for years. He might have growing or grown children with his ex-wife and has no desire to be with a woman who still has children at home.

He might find you sexually irresistible, or he might just be head over heels in love with you.

But stay away from the schoolyards, and don’t play with anyone’s fragile emotions.

It’s more likely, however, that you just want to turn the clock back a decade or so and recapture the years that just slipped away in a bad marriage, a career-absorbed spinsterhood or a post-divorce black hole.

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