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Born to former slave parents in 1872, Dunbar catalogues the various challenges facing African Americans in a post-Civil-War world.Dunbar didn’t live very long, dying at age 33, but during his very short life, he was able to publish more than 400 poems, six novels, some plays, short stories and even lyrics for musicals. In addition to this gorgeous airplane, you’ll also see a replica of the Wright Brothers bicycle shop, one of their actual bicycles and then the various tools they used when they were designing their plane.This was actually the first practical airplane in the world. Okay, let’s take a step back from the aviation history (but only for a second, and not too large of a step) and revisit the Wright brothers’ friend mentioned above, Paul Laurence Dunbar.Dunbar was the first internationally acclaimed African-American poet, and he had a huge influence on many of the African American writers we know and love today, such as Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou.They moved in, in 1914, into what was at the time an early suburb of Dayton.The spacious Georgian revival mansion, though, unfortunately was never home to Wilbur Wright, who died from Typhoid Fever while it was still being built.Now, if you actually want to see the 1905 Wright Flyer III (which, is the only plane to earn status as a National Historic Landmark), then you have to go to the John W. Plus, you can see the camera that took the iconic photo of the first flight.This historic home was that of Orville Wright and his family members.

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So many of these are also accessible via bike, so you can get back to nature from nearly everywhere.Check out their normal lineup of events, but also visit just to see the beautiful property.The Bank Barn is especially noteworthy, built in the German heritage style of the 1800s.Plus, you can see the only display of a B-2 stealth bomber in the entire world.There’s a simulator ride for the adventurous, a theatre for daily movies and a cafeteria serving up astronaut food.

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