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Absent any real technical prowess (and without wanting to pester my pal Zach, who’s done some super interesting conceptual work around IM/chat and bots), and without trying to inflate the importance of what I did any further: What happened was one Saturday night I sat down and started copying/pasting the responses of one sexbot into the window of the other to see if we could spark some fireworks — a lot of which is what you can read there. I wish I had a better answer than “I honestly don’t know” — which I totally can say while looking you straight in the eyes!I don’t mean to pry, but I would be remiss if I didn’t ask why you have these sexbots available at your disposal. But even though these two had their way with me/each other and never even bothered to IM the next day to say they had a nice time, it is happening… The most interesting part for me was learning that AIM sexbots are set up to try and tell a complete and compelling story.But while we’re all on the same page, I also wanna plug my pal Rob Dubbin’s New York Review of Bots blog (“a professional journal of automated-agent studies”), which catalogs a lot of the best advances happening in the Twitter-bot sphere — work far above and beyond a dumb dude cutting and pasting sex chat IMs.(Not coincidentally, Rob also gave birth to @oliviataters, who is for sure my favorite disaffected teen-girl bot on all of Twitter.) Oh, and also, have you ever heard this amazing Voight-Kampff conversation with a telemarketer bot?It sends you dirty pics but they glitch in the transmission. Through playing, the sext bot develops a personality, not always interested in sexting you back.With over 20 different endings, the player experiences the multiplicity of sex, technology, and digital intimacy.“Local police should take fast, strong action to tackle these [telecommunications scams],” Liu added. Cyber sex with a bot right from the comfort of wherever your computer is.

But once users requested a face-to-face meeting, the bot would promptly block them from further interactions.“Though technology is neutral by nature, coupling such technologies with scams can exacerbate them,” Liu Junhai, a law professor at Beijing’s Renmin University, told Sixth Tone, explaining that technology allows scammers to scale up their operations.

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Police in southern China have arrested more than 600 people across the country for peddling vulgar content and services — such as pornography or cybersex — under the guise of operating dating apps.

The apps promised to connect customers with nearby singles, but some instead used chat bots to provide erotic conversations with users.

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