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Few (3 or 4) people attend your meetings (apparently don't follow Robert's rules bc how can you have quorum?

alert, annotations, bootstrap, boxes, button, callouts, dropdown, formatting, grids, hide, highlight, icons, jumbotron, language, modal, nav, popover, printing, style, tabs, thumbnail, typography, wrap Inserts toggles for hiding and displaying code blocks; inserts html anchors for cross-referencing code; facilitates documentation, provides convenience features for marking up code, supports geshi highlighting.I don't understand how you can develop or maintain a "sisterhood" of 35 people when you probably have never all been in a room together? Sure, having a place to go online is great and fun, and far be it for me to try to deprive someone from doing what they want, but why does it have to be a Greek-letter sorority?If you want to be part of a social group IRL, there are many places, even an adult community sorority. She is in her 30s and has a real job (hence my horror at the spelling, grammar and punctuation).Nav Box brings the core functionality of the Nav Box from Wikipedia (and Media Wiki) across to Doku Wiki, allowing a clean and easy-to-use way of linking between related pages.It can be placed anywhere on the page at this point in time but it is intended to Store your files in cloud such as Aliyun OSS, Amazon S3 and so on.

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