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A systematic review of 53 studies found that universal school-based violence prevention programs were associated with reductions in violent behavior at all grade levels.Median relative reductions were 29 percent for high school students, seven percent for middle school students, 18 percent for elementary school students, and 32 percent for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students.Others, such as robbery and assault (with or without weapons), can lead to serious injury or even death.In a nationwide survey of high school students, about six percent reported not going to school on one or more days in the 30 days preceding the survey because they felt unsafe at school or on their way to and from school.Youth IPV includes physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional violence by a dating partner (CDC-Teen dating violence).Surveys suggest that IPV peaks in the late teens (O’Leary KD, Smith-Slep AM. Link to original source (journal subscription may be required for access)).A TDV prevention program aimed at promoting healthy relationships at this developmentally important age holds tremendous promise.

Life Skills Training—a classroom-based intervention designed for children and adolescents ages 11 to 18 that aims to reduce the risks of violence and substance use by addressing psychosocial factors associated with risky behaviors—costs (in 2014 dollars) per student each year and resulted in a total benefit-to-cost ratio estimate of :1.

The prevalence of teen dating violence (TDV), as well as the adverse mental, physical, and relationship health outcomes associated with it, underscores the need for effective TDV prevention programs, of which there are few.

The study will evaluate a new 7th-grade version of Fourth R, which has been rewritten to be developmentally appropriate and correspond to national health standards for this younger age.

Youth violence includes aggressive, violent, disruptive and problem behaviors, among others.

Some violent acts—such as bullying, slapping, or hitting—can cause more emotional harm than physical harm.

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